At Gamez Lining Systems, we understand that each application is different. We will take
the time to evaluate your needs, and only then, will we recommend one of our spray
lining formulas. With over twenty (20) formulas available, we are confident we have the
right one for your application.
Abrasion Resistant
Rust Resistant
Corrosive Resistant
Chemical Resistant
Seamless, Smooth
Seals Water Tight
Seals Air Tight  
Endures Extreme Weather
Withstands Everyday Abuse
Quick Dry Time
Reduces Costly Downtime
Lasting Protection
No Cracking
For Chutes, Screen Frames, Pipes, Sand Classifiers,Tanks, Commercial,
Industrial, Pumps, Flooring, Frames, Retaining Walls, Fences, Buildings and
other structures.These are just a few of the limitless possibilities for spray linings.
Adheres to Most Surfaces
and Configurations
Why Spray Lining?
Complete Fully Self Contained Spray Unit
enables us to come to your location.
SPRAY  POLYUREA is the perfect lining solution
Tired of Epoxy Cracking?
Do You want protection that lasts?
Having problems with rust and corrosion?
Spray Lining will eliminate
these issues
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Available in a variety of colors
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