Ceramic Wear liners are a combination of high alumina Ceramic cylinders or squares
molded in high performance rubber. Full metal back 2" total thickness.
Ceramic Tiles have incredible wear resistant properties. High resistance to temperature
changes as well as high temperatures. Available in 1/2" thick, cut to size.
Ceramics and Ceramic Combinations (Ceramics embedded in rubber or urethane) provide High Abrasion
Resistance, High Impact Resistance, Resilient, Noise Reduction, and Long Wearing. Available in a variety of
styles, sizes, thicknesses, all custom made to fit your application. Suitable for both wet and dry applications.
Uramic Ceramic  liners are a combination of high aluminum Ceramic hexagons tiles embedded in
urethane, preventing the tiles from breaking. Ceramic Hex Tiles are 1/4" to 1" with a total panel thickness
up to 1 1/2". Available in standard (temp not to exceed 190F) and High Temp (temps up to 280F)  
Ceraflex Ceramic Liners are a combination of high aluminum Ceramic Tiles backed with a "cushioning"
layer of urethane. Tiles are 4" x  6" and 1/2" to 1" thick with a total thickness up to 2".  Perfect for high
volume sliding, transitions and other high impact areas in the aggregate, mining, and grain industries.
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